Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Download Your ENTIRE FaceBook Profile

Facebook has rolled out a slick new feature recently that they made no announcement of, and most people aren't even aware that it exists. So here's a tutorial on exactly how to download the ENTIRE contents of your FaceBook profile. It'll get everything ... all of your statuses, all comments on your statuses, all photos in your photo albums, all inbox messages (no sent-box messages though Sad ), and so forth, all the way back to when you signed up!
As you can imagine, this can be very private, personal information, so be sure to safeguard the file once it finishes downloading if you don't want peeping eyes on it. On the other hand, FaceBook can sometimes be squirrely and you never know if they may arbitrarily decide to delete or block you out of your profile, so it's a good idea to grab it every so often, just in case.