Saturday, April 24, 2010

Google Sidewiki

Google Sidewiki is a browser extension which allows users to make and view comments about a given website, providing feedback and information, and discussing a page's content in a separate browser frame. The contributed comments are editable by the users who made them. It was launched September 23, 2009.

Google uses ranking algorithms to determine comment relevancy and usefulness using criteria such as users voting up and down a comment, and past users' contributions. Anyone can look up a contributor and, from accumulated entries on the user's Google profile, verify the contributor's credibility. Sidewiki is available for Internet Explorer and Firefox through Google Toolbar, and the Google Chrome browser through an add-on. For other browsers like Safari it is available as a bookmarklet.

Sidewiki allows users to interact with a web site in ways that the site owner cannot control, which has concerned some critics of the application, as there is no way for site owners to prevent people from commenting in a Sidewiki entry for a page.

Source : Wikipedia

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