Monday, April 19, 2010

What's new in Outlook Social Connector

Connecting Outlook to each social network requires a provider. To get started, download and install social network provider for Outlook.

The Outlook Social Connector included in the Office 2010 Beta is not compatible with the beta providers currently available online. Office 2010 Beta users must install the Outlook Social Connector 32-bit Beta in order to successfully use the social network providers currently available. Also, you cannot install the 32-bit OSC Beta on Outlook 2010 Beta 64-bit.

Currently Support
  1. LinkedIn
  2. myspace
Coming Soon
  1. Facebook
  2. Windows Live

Stay up-to-the-minute with the people in your networks by accessing everything from e-mail threads to status updates in one single, centralized view.

Synchronize your contact data right into Outlook 2010 and obtain information about your friends and colleagues. See status updates from various networks and recently posted files—even view shared photos

Connect to SharePoint Server 2010 social data and receive updates from your workplace, such as newly posted or tagged documents, site activity, and more.

Easily track your communication history. Use the Outlook Social Connector to display a quick view of related Outlook content when you click on a contact’s name, such as recent e-mail conversations, meetings, and shared documents.

Developers can connect and feed social streams from line-of-business applications or integrate their solutions directly into Outlook.


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