Friday, April 23, 2010

Microsoft Photosynth

Microsoft Photosynth

Photosynth is a software application from Microsoft Live Labs and the University of Washington that analyzes digital photographs and generates a three-dimensional model of the photos and a point cloud of a photographed object. Pattern recognition components compare portions of images to create points, which are then compared to convert the image into a model. Users are able to view and generate their own models using a software tool available for download at the Photosynth website.

Photosynth is based on Photo Tourism, a research project by University of Washington graduate student Noah Snavely.


  • Walk or fly through a scene to see photos from any angle
  • Zoom in or out of a photo
  • See where pictures were taken in relation to one another
  • Smoothly change viewing angle between nearby photos
  • Smoothly zoom in and out of high-resolution photos
  • Find similar photos to the one you're currently viewing
  • Send pictures

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Go to Photosynth Website

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